Basic Package

Foundational Cyber Security
  • Comprehensive assessment of your system's security
  • Penetration testing for a single target
  • Detailed report outlining vulnerabilities and recommendations for improvent

Standard Package

Comprehensive Cyber Security
  • More thorough evaluation of your system's security posture
  • Penetration testing for upto three targets
  • In-depth analysis of vulnerabilities with actionable insights for mitigation
  • Customized recommendations based on your organization's specific needs and industry standards

Custom Package

Advanced Cyber Security
  • Tailored pen-test solutions for organizations with multiple targets or complete infrastructures
  • Dedicated consultation to access your requirements and provide a detailed proposal
  • Comprehensive testing for a wide range of targets, including networks, applicatios, and infrastructure components
  • Pricing determined based on the scope and scale of the project



Low Severity Vulnerability


Medium Severity Vulnerability

Critical and High Severities pricing determined on a case-by-case basis